Don Higgins is an Art director / Illustrator who has been working in the Gaming Industry for over 20 years. Currently, with FASA Games, he is part of the titles; "1879", "AetherStream Interceptor", "Demonworld", and "Earthdawn".  He is also the Artist and Author of the Webcomics/Graphic Novels "Ha'Penny Pie" and "Champion's Challenge"; also for FASA Games.



The Upper Valley's premier source for tabletop games for nearly a decade! Now in a new and improved expanded location in West Lebanon, NH offering over a dozen new product lines and hundreds of awesome new items to to their awesome selection of games and accessories!

things from the basement

Focused on producing highly detailed, yet easy to assemble laser cut buildings and terrain kits in 28mm and 15mm. All laser-cut products are designed and produced in their basement in Connecticut. All buildings are designed to open up, so the interior is available for gaming. Kits come in different ranges from Victorian Sci-Fi to Historical Landmarks. In addition, TFTB offer products like Gamer's Grass tufts and laser plants and Stoessi's Heroes (28mm World War II character figures) as well as a selection of Archon Studio Plastic Figure Sets to complement the building ranges.

free league publishing

Free League Publishing is a Swedish publisher and game creator dedicated to speculative fiction in various forms. We have created and published a range of award-winning tabletop role-playing games, board games and art books set in strange and wondrous worlds. Through the distorting mirrors of fantasy and science fiction, we reflect on our own world, its history and future.

Free League will be featuring Zone Wars - a fast, fun and brutal skirmish miniatures game for 2-4 players based on the award-winning Mutant: Year Zero RPG and video game at Mayhem 2024!

bloody scotsman games

Bloody Scotsman Games are the producers of the colonial horror game Devil in The Wilderness and Devil in Sleepy Hollow.  They also produce Devil in San Miguel, a weird west skirmish games, as well as Plume and Blade, a game about the 3 Musketeers. Producing a full range of miiatures and terrain in support of thier fast paced miniatures skirmish style games. Bloody Scotsman also offers a 3D printing service

trilaterum/trench coat miniatures

Trilaterum is a fast-paced 15mm tabletop miniatures game, set in a unique and expanding universe where emerging factions battle for survival on the edge of the universe! Trilaterum Firefight is a 28mm Skirmish level game using the same unique system from Trilaterum.  

Trench Coat Miniatures specializes in historical, fantasy, and sci-fi ranges outside of the Trilaterum Universe.  We also Publish Tango Unifrom a 28mm Historical Skirmish system using the Trilaterum Rules, We Can Do It a 15mm WW2 Company level game, and Wasteman, a 28mm Post-apocalyptic Skirmish game.

hobby bunker

Celebrating over 20 years in business, Hobby Bunker, Inc. offers you the widest array of toy soldiers and hobby items at the most competitive prices. If you cannot find what you are looking for in their store or on our website, they will do their very best to locate the product or help point you in the right direction. They offer a wide selections of miniatures with over 17,000 products offered online or at their store in Wakefield, MA!

ad astra games

Ad Astra Games produces award-winning games – science fiction, air combat, and even little RPGs. Many of our games, following from Attack Vector: Tactical through Birds of Prey and Squadron Strike, use 3D movement. Our games have won industry awards and rave reviews from places as diverse as Undefeated and Scientific American. We also produce licensed products, such as Power Projection: Fleets and the upcoming Squadron Strike: Traveller.

Excelsior / Normal Human Dice

Normal human beings who bring hand crafted math rocks and custom etched glassware to all beings of earth!


Mini Molds are a variety fun molds to instantly make monster minis for all your tabletop games. Mold them, smash them, and make them again!


Chris Parker Games aka Day of Battle Print on Demand offers miniatures rules from the Medieval, American Revolution, Seven Years War and WWII periods.  We also print and sell miniatures in 12 to 54mm scales.  Some of our ranges include the Lord of The Rings, WWII, American Revolution and Seven Years War.  We are now printing Modern Armor as well.



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